DIY hanging Candle

Today I’m excited to share with you all a extremely easy DIY. How easy you ask? So easy it can be done in about 2 minutes, so easy in fact a child could do it and make it look magical. THAT’s how easy. Ok so I just said easy a few to many times but it really is..simple (see what i did there?).

With Spring blooming here in Australia, the weather calls for outdoor entertaining and BBQ’S. All you need for this project is candles (I prefer tea candles for more of a delicate look, plus you can buy a lot for cheap), string/thread or fishing wire to create the illusion that they’re hanging in mid air, rubber bands in an array or single colour, and small candle glasses.

Wrap the rubber band around the top of a candle glasses, thread the string/thread/wire through opposite sides of the rubber band AND…thats it!

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick little DIY, if you give it a go, be sure to post a picture (tumblr and instagram) with #DFLdiy, I’d love to see how it turned out!

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Flexible Soft Lamp

Simon Frambach’s balloon-shaped Soft Lamp gives off a soft light and slight warmth, creating an illuminated cushion.

As well as providing a headrest, the lamp can be squeezed into gaps or trapped between objects where needed. It’s made from foamed polyurethane and shaped using rotation milling. The low-energy bulb within is protected by a cage so it doesn’t smash when the lamp is squashed. A red cord leads out the back to a power source.

DIY Swing Lamp

Every now and then you see a project that stops you in your tracks; the end result is so well executed that you have a hard time believing that it was a DIY project at all.

This brass swing arm lamp by Hello Lidy is a project I would pay cold hard cash for. perfectly accompanied by bold splashes of colour and gold accents, I can imagine a fixture like this costing from a retailer, which make the fact that a step-by-step tutorial is available even better!

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Modern Spanish Villa With Light Effects

If classy and technology is what are you looking for, this Awesome Chameleon Villa, Palma de Mallorca is the perfect place for you to visit on a vacation! The reason why the villa is called Chameleon Villa! Is all because of the exceptional light effect used to play off the crystal glass surfaces of the home and create an adaptable atmosphere.

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