Stairway To Heaven

Made from shiny metal and flickering crystals, just like your average chandelier, “Stairway to Heaven” is an illuminated ladder flipped upside down. Designed by Bertjan Pot, this fun repurposed low-energy display of light coupled with the spacious, clean design and natural light worked beautifully for this remodel of an old brewery into a refreshing community oriented cafe/theatre space.

Leslie Shewring’s Work Studio

The studio of Leslie Shewring (co-author of Decorate With Flowers) showcases the place where her creativity comes to life - a crisp, white canvas, constantly changing and evolving depending on what projects she is working on. A woman of many talents, Leslie uses her studio for photography, styling, floral design and painting. Many of her paintings have been turned into fabrics and made into dresses, blankets, bags and adorable stuffed animals.

Ingo Maurer’s Zettel’z 5 Chandelier 4 Ways

I love products that are customizable, and I appreciate when a designer builds interactivity and personalization into a product. Playful, light and airy, the Ingo Maurer Zettel’z 5 Chandelier is an interactive piece for the self-expressive romantic. Paperclips hold 80 sheets of Japanese paper, 31 printed and 49 blank, and display written thoughts of love and desire.

I love the idea behind the original white design with hand drawings, quotes and written thoughts.


DIY hanging Candle

Today I’m excited to share with you all a extremely easy DIY. How easy you ask? So easy it can be done in about 2 minutes, so easy in fact a child could do it and make it look magical. THAT’s how easy. Ok so I just said easy a few to many times but it really is..simple (see what i did there?).

With Spring blooming here in Australia, the weather calls for outdoor entertaining and BBQ’S. All you need for this project is candles (I prefer tea candles for more of a delicate look, plus you can buy a lot for cheap), string/thread or fishing wire to create the illusion that they’re hanging in mid air, rubber bands in an array or single colour, and small candle glasses.

Wrap the rubber band around the top of a candle glasses, thread the string/thread/wire through opposite sides of the rubber band AND…thats it!

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick little DIY, if you give it a go, be sure to post a picture (tumblr and instagram) with #DFLdiy, I’d love to see how it turned out!

Stay Inspired!