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April 18th, 2013
LED Cotton Clouds Lighting

A perfect way to add that mystical and magical feel to your home! This cotton wrapped LED (choose the ones that will stay cool) will look amazing in your house or used as outdoor decoration in the walkway during Christmas, New Year, birthday, wedding, baby shower or any outdoor party lighting setup.


Cotton Batting (supermarket)

Paper Lanterns (buy them cheaply at $3 stores)

Cool LEDs (electric stores – make sure it generates little heat and is warm to touch)

Hot Glue Gun (stationary shops)

Step by Step Instructions:

Securely attach LED in the middle of the paper lantern

Stretch the cotton batting until it is fluffy and voluminous enough

Hot glue the cotton around the paper lantern

WARNING: be careful and have your fire extinguisher in place at all time when trying this cotton diy LED light idea, in case you accidentally set it on fire. Keep out of reach of children and Never leave it unattended!

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