What did you study?

I completed my Advanced Diploma in Interior Design at Holmesglen November 2013.

Are any of your posts your own work?

Yes, tagged under /personal

Where do you find your pictures?

Everywhere! I’m forever discovering blogs and websites. Check out my click through links.

I want to study/how do I study Interior Design/Architecture now or in the future?

The advice I’d give to anyone wanting to study either Interior Design or Architecture is to do your research! A lot of people don’t completely understand the fields, so doing your research into what you will actually be studying and ultimately doing is super important.

- Look online to see where offers the course you’re interested in. If it helps compile a list of possible schools, universities ect. you’re looking to get more information from and call them to organise a meeting to get a better overview.

- Some institutes or universities require a interview, folio submission and certain academics while other require none of these. Again this comes comes back to doing your research. A lot of schools, unis will have this information on their websites, if not call them, if you’re not sure what you should put in your folio don’t be afraid to ask them!

How did you become an “interiors” editor on Tumblr?

I tag all the images on my blog and got a email from Tumblr saying I had become a editor for Interiors. After a few weeks of choosing different posts to appear under the tag “interiors” I noticed I was the top editor, while basically just means the images I choose get reblogged/like the most that tag :/ but as Tumblr put it I have a big influence on the content displayed :)

What is Tumblr Radar/How do you get on featured?

The Tumblr Radar is promoted post space shown on the dashboard of every user. It offers a substantial increase in traffic for the user. The Radar is used to showcase posts that have already attracted a lot of attention from the community. Tumblr doesn’t provide specific guidelines to make it on the radar, I just received a email saying that I was being featured.

Can you recommend any similar blogs?

I look at close to 20 blogs a day! I can’t follow anyone on DFL but if you’re interested in the blogs I enjoy, have a look at who I reblog from and the click through links on the images posted.

Check out my blog

I’m more then happy to but just know that I can’t follow anyone on this blog.

How many followers do you have?


Vote for me/Promote me/Follow me.

No, no and no. My blog is not for any of that.

Love your blog etc.

Thankyou, to everyone who takes the time out to write a lovely message. I read EVERY single one.

If you have any questions regarding interior design and architecture that I haven’t already covered, I’m more than happy to answer as best as I can privately, otherwise don’t be shy to write to me designedforlife@live.com.

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Interior Design graduate from Melbourne, Australia.

"People think that design is styling. Design is not style. It's not about giving shape to the shell and not giving a damn about the guts. Good design is a renaissance attitude that combines technology, cognitive science, human need, and beauty to produce something that the world didn't know it was missing."

- Paola Antonelli


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